Body Art, The Mobile Art Exhibit

So let’s deviate from traditional art and exhibitions for now and let us talk about “Body Art”. Body modification has been around for a long time, with tribal tattoos and more extreme modifications done by tribes or ancient civilizations. Today though we still have these, with the rise of body paint and Henna, even those who are more conservative about permanent changes on their body can now join in and enjoy body art. Although we still do have people who goes to the extremes when expressing their “inner self”, through tattoos and body modifications.

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Extreme Body Art 


You might have seen them in the news or some YouTube video, the people who modifies their bodies to the most extreme of levels. Much like the model who tattooed his body to resemble that of a living skeleton, or the man who decided to make himself into a real cat person through surgery, they have dedicated their lives in expressing their inner self through art. Planning plastic surgery makeover though is something to think over about, especially if it is for something like art, because you will permanently be a walking art exhibit, and all eyes will forever be on you. If you would like to learn more about this I would suggest consulting a plastic surgeon, one of the best I’ve ever known are ones based in Utah.


Less Extreme Body Art 


The lesser extreme body art are that of body paint and Henna tattoos, which are great for people who just want to express their body art temporarily and be able to change their art in the next exhibit.  This type of art is often used for photo shoots and events that would like to give out a statement, though also done to make things like costume plays to have more exaggerated features.

Henna tattoos are great for long term displays of body art, but will fade away in time, sometime around 2 months or so. These are great for individuals who would like to get tattoos but would like to try it out for a little while before deciding to make it more permanent.



The Beauty of this Art Style 

Often times we do not see the individual’s feelings and personality outside, body art demonstrates that one could make himself or herself stand out by showing their inner selves to the world. The body becomes the canvas where the artist will either bring out his inner identity through art or show a statement through the bodies of the models. Either way it is art going out to the world, instead of art being secluded into an area where only few can truly admire it.



We might be able to utilize this art style in an event in the future, mixing indoor exhibit and body art to express the artists’ work in a way that is more interactive to the viewers, though it will probably not be as family friendly of an exhibit as we are used to.