Clean as You Go: Free Venue Should Be Respected

For most artists, respect and cleanliness have become second nature, but recently due to the rise of newer younger talent with rowdy crowds; there is a lack of respect when it comes to the venue that you give them to present their work. I can admittedly say that some of the newer talents use unusual ways to produce and present their art; it would be beneficial for all to clean up after their use. I am all for expressing your art, but sometimes after everyone is left the fans of the artists seems to have left a bit of a mess. Clean as you go if possible, please! The younger art community shows their youth with the lack of discipline.

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I’ve heard of a case; I know not to be true or false, where after lending an area for an art exhibit with food and drinks, the place was poorly cleaned. It being usually unused was unchecked for weeks and was discovered to be invaded by several kinds of pests. The owner promptly called a Pest Control Company Dothan to tent out the place, which cost a good amount of money, and decided not to lend out the area for free anymore. If this kind of behavior does not cease, we might see less and fewer people offering their space for free to artists just starting out, essentially killing new talent before it could see the light of day.