How to Organize and Art Exhibit

One of the most exciting of jobs is to organize events and exhibits. One of my favorite is doing art exhibit since this can be long term and not just ran one day.

In doing art exhibits you would have to decide two things: First you would need to know what art exhibit are you bringing? Is this new to your audience? And second, what message do you want to convey to your audience? Is this to create awareness or is this something creatively unique to the eyes of the people.

Some art exhibitions can be works of known painters, sculptures and the like. Most institutions like schools and recreational establishment mostly prefer nowadays are the traveling art exhibits. By doing this, we get bring the works of the artists closer to the people who cannot afford to go to its home museum.  An example of this would be the works of Vincent van Gogh, the Picasso and the Warhol.

On another note, you can also do art exhibitions that would create social awareness. Some of which are a photo exhibits of a recent calamity that hit a certain area. Some photographer do take photos of such scenarios. A good example would be the tragedy is Syria. This type of exhibitions not only increase social awareness, but this can also be a key to help raise funds to help those in need. Now this is one type of a fulfilling event that you can do for your community. You would also need to partner with legit institutions to where you can send the funds you have raised.

planningNow once you have decided the type of art exhibition you would like to conduct, it’s time to prepare on the execution. When executing an exhibit, you would need to have a curator. A curator is the person who would perform the drama you would like to show your target audience. To be more specific, he or she would do the dramatic placing of the art pieces to convey a story. This can be achieved with good flooring and lighting effects. Another essential part of an art exhibit is the title panel. There should be a title panel in order for the audience to be guided what the exhibit is about.

When you have finalized your desired layout, you must also decide whether or not you would have an exhibit opening. This is very ideal to kick off the exhibit to your targeted audience and to the media. Inviting them is very important so as to create a buzz and create more interest to other people to come to your art exhibit.

When organizing such art exhibit opening you must decide the date, the program and if you are preparing cocktails with a small entertainment. It is ideal that you send out invitations with an RSVP to know your expected audience. For the program, you must not forget to invite a guest speaker, be it the artist himself or some prominent personality. Now there you have it, I think you’re now ready to create your very own art exhibition.