Setting up Your Gallery: Ins & Outs of Pest Control

When you start a gallery, it is important to know that there will always be some problems along the way, such as finding the right location in regards to what part of town it’s in and how much the lease would cost. This along with several possible problems will be discussed in the “Setting up Your Gallery” article series. We have decided to start with one of the essential things that you will need to do in starting your gallery and that is pest control. So get ready to take some notes as we begin!


Why is Pest Control Important?

You would think that it is not essential to hire a professional pest control company, especially if you got a new place that looks pretty good. That kind of thinking could get you into a lot of trouble, with the artists, the people that are loaning you their art collection, and your partners. You see, the one thing you need to protect as a gallery owner and manager is the art. You need to protect it from theft, and from damage, damage that could come from mishandling or, more often than not, pests.

Old buildings are often neglected for years, and anything from rats to termites could be occupying the dark spaces between the walls. And you wouldn’t believe how many collectors I’ve met that lost a few of their pieces to pests. These guys are the type to install a digital lock pad on doors to keep away intruders, only to be devastated from being victims of an “inside job” by termites and rats.


Won’t the Chemicals Damage the Pieces?

Unless if you hired a shady exterminator, I can assure you that professional pest control companies know what they are doing, just make sure that you notify them about any sensitive pieces you might have. And if you are worried that the exterminators themselves could cause the damage, just get the place treated before you start putting in the artwork. Visit

I have a friend in San Jose who hired the best people in the business, these guys were knowledgeable enough to know what kind of chemicals to use for galleries and knew to ask what kind of materials or paint was used in pieces in the gallery to assure the safety of the artworks. The next time I get the chance to talk with my friend I’ll make sure to write down the name of the pest control company.


Finding the Right Pest Control Company

The method is straight forward really, get a referral from fellow gallery owners and museums; they would know the best companies to approach that knows how to handle sensitive materials. If you have no such contacts, you’ll just have to do the research on your own, make calls and inquiries one by one and ask what type of chemicals they use and if it would be harmful to things like paint and art materials. It’s the only way you could assure the safety of the artworks.